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Meraki App Studio is a full-service Web development company. Our professional team of website developers utilizes the latest cutting edge technology in web development. This ensures your website will have no issues with speed or compatibility on any device your customer is using.

From simple websites providing information about your business to more advanced websites such as e-commerce, we offer website design and development services for all. Our web development team treats every business with the respect it deserves.



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Our Web Development Services

Frontend and Backend

Frontend and Backend are inalienable parts of the development of any web service. Our team has strong skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to create beautiful frontends; in Java, PHP, .NET, Python, and other technologies to build reliable backends. As a web development company we pay particular attention to both visible and hidden parts of web solutions, so guarantee the perfect outcome.

SaaS Solutions Development

The key to success for a SaaS development product of your company is the way of how the user interacts with the application. It is important to develop an easy multi-user access to your service, create a responsive interface and integrate reliable payment system. Our developers can help you with building the best SaaS solution for your users as well as implement other web application development tasks!

Mobile Layouts Development

Usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day, therefore having a convenient mobile website is a must for any company. Meraki has dozens of successfully implemented mobile projects perfectly looking at any smartphones or tablets. We know how to create clear mobile layouts and enliven them with broad functionality.

CMS Development

CMS systems became widely used for joined creation and modification of digital content. They significantly make easier the process of website management by numerous functions available in one click. If you have a complex website structure that required constant changes, CMS development is what can save you a lot of time and costs on control of website content.

Cloud Apps Dev

Using cloud platforms to create applications and store information are one of the most popular trends recently, since cloud computing allows to achieve high optimization and economic benefits. Cloud development is an excellent solution for a company that needs a web app with advanced user settings, good scalability and simple integration with the server.

Database Processing and Development

Database is an integral part of most modern websites in various industries. Meraki’s engineers can skillfully organize the interaction of your site with the database of any level of complexity. We’ve also accomplished numerous data transfers between platforms. So, if you need high-quality PostgreSQL, MS SQL or MySQL database development, then we will surely help you with this.

Your website is essentially your brand online. Studies have shown that the average consumer makes a decision within 10 seconds of visiting your website. This is why Meraki creates a professional image for your brand that is engaging enough to make your customer stay longer.